Thinx again

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Saw this on my Facebook today, which links to this longer article about turmoil at Thinx. Some comments:

Yes, Teen Vogue is really as awesome as the memes say. Highly recommend following them, if only to provide a nice counterbalance to those other emotionally-draining news sources.

Noooooo why didn’t I buy a pair of these before I knew about this noooooo! But also, at least now I’m spared the emotional conflict of deciding whether to continue wearing them or not. (To be fair, though, the Racked article makes it very clear that the workplace and team are still amazing and inspiring, it’s just the leadership that poisoned it all).

My first response to the descriptions of CEO Miki Agrawal’s “erratic behavior and refusal to shoulder blame for problems with the business while taking credit” was cringing (though tbh that last part is something I’m sure plenty of dudes do without getting any flak). Stories of a “middle school environment”, of emotionally manipulative tactics and inconsistent policy or personality stances - these are only going to give fuel to the fire of people who say that women aren’t emotionally stable enough to be in leadership positions, right? Damn it, now we’re gonna have to denounce her and distance us other “good women” from that kind of behavior…

…oh, wait. This is how people of color feel when there’s a high-profile crime committed by someone with their skin color. How Muslims feel anytime there’s a terrorist attack carried out by someone with a name that even rhymes with Mohammad.

Similarly, everybody but white people has become well acquainted with the feeling of oh fuck, please don’t let him be [ ] while waiting to find out the identity of a criminal, an alleged criminal – hell, at this point, even a victim.

Alright, I guess we’ll brace ourselves because this time looks like it’s our turn.