My research focuses on the semantics of natural language and its interface with syntax and pragmatics. In my work, I closely combine formal approaches with crosslinguistic and experimental methods of investigation. Some topics I have worked on include polar questions, negative polarity, negative coordination, and unconditionals.

I am a postdoctoral researcher involved in the LeibnizDream project “Realizing Leibniz’s Dream: Child Languages as a Mirror of the Mind” (PIs: Artemis Alexiadou (HU), Maria Teresa Guasti (UniMiB), and Uli Sauerland (ZAS)). I received my PhD from Harvard University in January 2021, with a dissertation on polar questions and interrogative particles supervised by Gennaro Chierchia.

You can contact me at auroregonzalez ‘at’ alumni.harvard.edu or aurore.gonzalez ‘at’ unimib.it