Ground Rules

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When I was involved in CQA at Columbia, I learned that snaps are a great way to show agreement without being disruptive, and that Ground Rules are a wonderful thing to establish before having any sort of conversation. Ground Rules are about respecting the space, its occupants, and the discussion taking place. They’re meant to get everyone on the same page before getting into it the thick of it. So let’s get on the same page. Some of these are for me, and some of these are for you.

  • One of my favorite Ground Rules we used in CQA was to always assume the best of people. That meant that if someone had a language slip-up or said something triggering, we agreed to assume that it was an honest mistake and follow up accordingly. If I say something dumb, disrespectful, or silly here - assume the best of me and follow up accordingly.
  • Arguing for the sake of arguing is not my hobby. Discussing for the sake of reaching mutual understanding is. I have no interest in engaging in aggressive conversations where one party is on the defensive. I have deep interest in genuine, curiosity-driven conversations.
  • My words don’t have to be perfect to be posted.